IN THE CITY: Hands up for those of you who recognize that as a great tune from the under rated UK band, The Jam. This site is filled with tons of music references, clever art inuendo and pretentions. Lots of them. Most of all this site contains music, art, poetry and fiction. And a great deal of reviews on each of them.

Ideally, the dreaming city will become your favorite waste of time. A great "virtual" locale to discover the criminally ignored and terribly talent individuals who have struck our fancy. We are a fairly complex bunch, so you are bound to find something here that will amuse you.

If you are a first time visitor then you have read all you need to know about this site - go ahead and explore it a bit. When you are done, book mark us and visit us often to see what we've been up to.

Special thanks to the inspiration of hundreds of talented iconoclasts and those who wish to learn about them. The dreaming city is the cyber city designed to take its creators and its readers into new forms of expression.

SITE NEWS: Updated 10-11-01 - Remember America's Heroes

This is a minor update to the site, just to let everyone know that we are live and well. On 9.11.01 the dreaming city woke up to a nightmare. I won't reiterate what a lot of you have been hearing over the last month, but I think it is sufficient to say that we've been through an emotional upheaval. New York City is, as you can obviously see, the model of our dreaming city. The updates to the site that we have been working on were to include new renderings of the New York Skyline. Perhaps they still will. In the next few days, look for more from Adenosine Triphosphate - a new recording has arrived. Our favorite Japanese musicians have created a powerful soundtrack for the new Japanese Anime, Guilstein. Also, thanks to all of our new subscribers and the positive email we've been receiving.


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And the shame, was on the other side. Oh we can beat them, for ever and ever, Then we could be Heroes, just for one day..." - Sandman Editorial
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